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I talked to one of my best girlfriends this morning who is struggling with her career choice.  She loves what she does, but she hates her job.  She hates the long hours, the bullying of management, the non vacation time, and much more.  She has followed her dream to work in the corporate world, but now that she is there and making GREAT money, she realizes that this isn’t how she wants to live her life.  It has even had a huge impact on her health.

Unless we were born into a rich family or marry rich, we will spend the majority of our life working. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume most people probably feel like they have to work to make ends meet, instead of working because they enjoy what they do.   When you finally get to a point where you realize you should enjoy work, you will live a happier more fulfilled life.

Hair and Back

When you enjoy what you do, you will welcome the obstacles.  Bumps in the road only give you motivation to figure it out, and get back on track.  You will enjoy learning from the obstacles that come your way, and not get stressed or frustrated with your job.  You will be willing to go above, beyond, over, and under for  your passions.  We all have “busy seasons” that require more time, but when you love what you do, you won’t mind the extra work or hours.

Not only will not loving what you do make you unhappy, it can also have effects on your overall health!  Depression, headaches, muscle tension, upset stomachs, anger, social withdrawal, over/under eating, fatigue, lack of motivation, and the list goes on and on!!! WOW!  Who really wants all of that?!  Even if you are making big bucks, the cost of a healthy body is priceless!

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Keep in mind that EVERY job has its ups & downs.  Life in general is like a rollercoaster.  But, when you are passionate about what you do, you will get over the “bad” days faster.  You will have more good days than not.

You only have 1 life!  So don’t waste it on doing something that you hate.  Find something that makes you happy.  For me having flexibility was the #1 thing I wanted in a career.  Saying that I love to travel is an understatement….I LLOOVVEE to travel.  I knew I needed a job that not only gave me enough money to be able to travel, but gave the time off that I wanted…whenever I wanted.

If you are interested in learning more about what I do and why I love what I do.  Contact me today! Or take the Dream It Do It Quiz.  If you already have a beauty consultant, contact her!  Read other women’s success stories here and why they love what they do!


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    Love the post! So thankful I love my job and you do too!

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