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I am always looking to hire sharp women to join our B.L.U.S.H unit!!  If you fit any of these descriptions feel free to click the link and take the quiz.

1) Sharp educated women
2) women who put faith and family before career
3) Busy Busy Busy women!
4) women who have more month than money
5) women who aren’t the sales type
6) women who want more out of life and have a dream

Click the Image below to see if this opportunity might be for you.

Beautiful ladies with sun glasses posing in a vintage retro car


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I am the Sales Director for the amazing B.L.U.S.H unit! Developing growing leaders and enriching women’s lives. We provide a top of the line product and the best business opportunity you can find. I love fashion, business, and Jesus!

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  1. Catherine Raffaele
    Catherine Raffaele09-07-2015

    I am a make up artist and Im looking for some one to do 2 tests with me for styling.One is a 60’s look,the other is bridal.(near Raleigh area)
    Are you interested?
    And tell me about your beauty business,I may be interested.
    Thanks ,Catherine

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